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Aquilla Robinson

Pronunciation - (Ah-qwill-lah)

Hey everyone! I am Aquilla Robinson, your Life Coach with an emphasis on faith. I help to redirect your focus to realize your strengths, understand your talents and increase your faith. I help to empower you to get out of your own way.


I lead with transparency and empathy. I want you to see my flaws, get a glance of situations in my history that maybe you can identify with, then show you how I continuously overcome challenges.


If there is one thing that I am great at, it would be my ability to stay in peace (most of the time), get up and push through obstacles as they arise. This skill had to be developed! I had to change my mindset and focus on my goals and dreams. I had to rebuild my confidence and my own faith.


Faith does not mean that life would be easy, faith is the unseen and unwavering evidence that makes all things possible to work in your favor. Let me walk you through a few snippets of my past where I could have easily stopped reaching for my dreams, or desired result.


Let me share a bit of my history with you. I did not whimsically decide to be a life coach. This is an avenue that had been stirring inside of me for a while. From childhood, I was always a leader. My elementary school's teachers "bad remarks" always included me being too talkative and disrupting the class. More comments of me persuading my peers to do what I want them to do, blah blah blah. Don't stop there, I had always created "clubs" for my friends to join. I had everything from operations and what our goals were. Keep in mind, I was under the age of nine.


Fast forward to today, I sit on the Board of Directors for the Association of Black Economic Power (ABEP), I am both - the Central Midwest Regional Coordinator for Brown Skin Brunchin' as well as the Ambassador/Host for St. Paul, MN. I was a Debutante for the Minneapolis Chapter of the Links. I have started many businesses and gained notoriety. However, I have gone through hell with a lot of "junk" in my past as well. I have been dealt some messed up cards, too.

Check this out...

  • My first traumatic experience was when my father (Rev. Lawrence G. Robinson) passed away four days after my ninth birthday in 1990; my mother never remarried.

  • Before I was born, the night my mother met my father, she was going to follow through with her own suicidal ideation (suicidal thoughts, but my mother had a plan). Her alcoholic brother escorted her to church, which was rare. My father (again, before I was born and before they married) was the minister.

  • My mother lost my childhood home due to foreclosure when I was maybe 23 years old. She hid things from me thinking I was still "just a child." By the time I found out, it was too late. This was my first time living away from my mother and starting over with all of my childhood memories left behind. This moment began my journey of feeling like I was living in a fog.

  • I moved to a different home and changed my job/profession annually after moving away from my childhood home.

  • I have gone through a divorce.

  • I was in two car accidents, one of which my vehicle was totaled.

  • I have gone through losing everything and starting over (from absolutely nothing) four times.

  • I have gone through domestic abuse.

  • I have not had suicidal thoughts, but I have had  thoughts of wanting to hurt myself just enough to be admitted to a hospital... for attention. During those moments, I remember still wanting to live, but wanted everything to PAUSE, so I could feel seen and appreciated.

  • I have made bad decisions and have driven intoxicated, excessively beyond the "legal limit'. I have been pulled over by police while intoxicated, but somehow managed to not get a DUI or ticket. I do not condone drinking and driving. I'm sharing this to illustrate the "junk" I have gone through. 

  • I know what it feels like to drink one to two full bottles of wine per day for weeks at a time. I recall searching for a level of intoxication that resembled peace, or an escape. Previously, in my mind, this feeling of peace only happened when I would be able to pass out to drift into sleep.

  • I have packed all that I could fit in a vehicle and moved across the country four times (back and forth).

  • I have fallen asleep behind the wheel numerous times while driving...

Photo credit (2018): One of my best friends, Christy Cooper

Before and after photos. I struggled with the thought of even showcasing these pics. I shuffled back and forth with an internal battle of fear of what someone might think of me. Why should I care? This is apart of me just like my social media profile pics. I was blessed to have this moment documented. 


These pics were taken within hours of each other. This particular night, Christy was also my designated driver. This is what my sadness, severe anxiety, feeling broken and confused looked like. I struggled with self-love. I lacked confidence. I felt hopeless. 


The takeaway: Both good and bad moments led me to how I am still standing today. I sought out help to get to a better place mentally and emotionally.


Guess what? I have more "junk" if that weren't enough! Through it all, I have consistently stayed rooted in my faith despite my multiple mishaps. For me, I had fallen into deep, dark places and environments. Places where I probably should not have gone both mentally and physically. Looking back, I easily could have died multiple times.


Mentally, I have been clinically diagnosed with severe anxiety, PTSD, abandonment and neglect. Previous situations have left me broken. 


I always knew that I was supposed to do more, to be more than how I was feeling. I had to put in the work. I had to self-reflect. I had to accept apologies [from friends, family and previous relationships] that I would never actually receive.


I had to apologize to myself for never feeling like the adult in the room. I had to comfort my nine-year-old self and allow her heart to break when her father died in front of her eyes. I had to forgive those who allowed me to become a victim of domestic abuse. I also had to forgive my adult self for feeling invaluable and worthless. After all of that, I had to rebuild my confidence, show up how I wanted to be addressed, share my grand ideas, seek out knowledge and information to better myself. 

I had to transform how I viewed myself.


I need you to realize that we are all dealing with "junk". Please understand that you are not alone, nor do you have to walk your path without help.

Allow me to share with you what I have learned through my lived experiences in how I stay motivated to walk in my best path.  It does not happen overnight; you have to put in the work, possibly shed some tears, get angry, set goals and then... rinse and repeat.


Your desired outcome for yourself begins in the middle of unpacking your "junk". Together, we can increase your faith, define your goals and start knocking things off your to-do checklist.


Let me help you successfully your progress through your journey. Schedule your first FREE session with me below.

If You Are...

  • Age 18+

  • English is your first language (at this time, I do not have a translator)

  • Any nationality and ethnicity

  • Using the following pronouns: she/her, he/him, they/them

  • Ready to change some things in your present to have a better future...

I would love to partner with you! Schedule your first FREE session with me below. 

I am currently only meeting with clients via Google Meet (video), phone call, text.

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