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Why BLCKTherapy?

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I founded BLCK Therapy to increase behavioral health awareness specifically in the African American community. I find a deep-rooted passion for helping to change the stigma behind engaging in talk therapy with a therapist, counselor, or life coach. I encourage dialog for discussing feelings, emotions as well as fears or traumatic experiences. 


Culturally, we have endured a lot of trauma both learned and generational. If not managed properly, as we age, the intensity and pain of trauma doesn't go away, it evolves as we do. This trauma can later show up as either aggressive behavior, isolation, anxiety, depression and in other cases, suicide. 

I actively choose a path of behavioral health advocacy to help others live their best lives and work through past traumas without feeling like their "why" is judged or compromised.

If you reside in Minnesota, please utilize these resources available to you.

Hennepin County Residents - C.O.P.E. 612-596-1223 is a 24/7 service available to you if you need to speak to a counselor immediately. Use this as a mental health emergency/crisis. A trained staff member can also come to you at your home. If you do not reside in Hennepin county, they can provide information for your local area.

National Suicide Lifeline: Send a TEXT to these 3 numbers: 988

You don't have to deal with "thoughts of suicide" or "not wanting to be here" alone. There is always someone available to talk to you without a biased opinion. 


Coming Up Next:

Keep checking here for details for when my trauma-informed support groups for domestic violence victims and caregivers of aging parents begins. Stay connected!

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