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Brown Skin Brunchin' (BSB) was founded in 2018 by Lillian Jackson and Melissa Mason. Fast forward to today, Brown Skin Brunchin' (BSB) has expanded to 90 cities near you and  internationally. Brown Skin Brunchin' was created as a platform for Black/Brown women to get together to connect and network over a meal... brunch!

I am the former BSB Ambassador for Tampa, FL (January 2022 - June 2022). I had the pleasure in starting and growing the Tampa chapter until I passed the torch to two fabulous women as I transitioned to move back home to Minnesota.


Currently, I am Ambassador for St. Paul, Minnesota. Altogether, I have hosted BSB for a little over 2 years. 


Minnesota has two cities where you can attend brunch. Join each group by:

  • Clicking HERE for St. Paul

  • Clicking HERE for Minneapolis


I only host for St. Paul. I cannot wait to meet you at my next brunch! 

Find a city near you by checking out the official website for Brown Skin Brunchin' by clicking HERE.  Also, download the BSB app for all of the latest info in your city. The app is where you will find the most current news.​

Hey Minnesota brunchers! Reminder to find yourself in the pics below. Click on them to enlarge and download. Happy Brunchin'!

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